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Custom Made Process


Designing the Product

The first step is to make the deisgn of the product. Our Designer makes a drawing of the products that will be the "Blue Print" for the factory. You work together with us to form the product of your choice. We also here chose the materials and sizes. You will be advised in which price class you will be heading based on which materials, applications etc. Sizes of logos, applications and colors has to be determind here. When pricing is done, very few changes can be done.


When we have reached a decision as to how the design should look, and you have approved the artwork, we send it to the factory for Quotation. Since all designs are different, it is really impossible to set a fixed price. It is all based on material choices, how many embroideries, applications etc. First now can we actually get the definite price of the product .


When you have approved of prices and artworks, you give us the Size Breakdown (which quantity of which sizes you wish for). we now draw a contract which you will have to sign in order for us to be able to start the order. When the order confirmation is signed is cancellation not more possible, due to that we now start with buying in materials for your product. we will also give you a estimated delivery time.


After the materials are ready, the factory makes a sampe for approval. This is the Pre Production sample. We will check this with you so that it follows the artwork, colors and sizes. In case of inaccuracy we will change this before production.

You will have to confirm that sample is approved or changes are agreed with before we go on to production.

Now the definite Delivery time will be given.


After the Pre Production sample is approved. The Production starts. No more changes are possible at this point.


When the production is ready it will be shipped to Europe. The shipping usually goes with seafreight unless you request other.

During this time we can have smaller delays due to boats, weather and other circumstances.

Arriving in Europe we will clear it through customs.

Your Product will arrive to our warehouse and we will do the last control. at this point we will notify you, and arrange the freight to you.